Luxembourg will host an exhibition “Krylov. Fable”

Since February 28 2020 until March 12 2020 Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Luxembourg within international cultural project “Russian seasons’ in France will host an exhibition “Krylov. Fable”, dedicated to 250th Anniversary of I. A. Krylov.

Museum and Exhibition Association “Manege” will present the project “Krylov. Fable”, created as a traveling exhibition for family and class visits and aimed at the advancement of Russian language and culture abroad. Its target audience is Russians and compatriots living abroad, Russian speakers living abroad.

The exhibition will present information about fable writer’s unusual life as well as it will demonstrate his contribution to the development of Russian language, one will be able to see various copies of differing style and time of creation of illustrations to I. A. Krylov fables, created by such artists A. P. Sapozhnikov, G. I. Narbut, A. K. Zhaba, E. M. Rachyov, A. M. Laptev, G. E. Nikolsky and others, as well as illustrations by M. Miturich with “spatial graphics” method used. In three touch screens visitors will be able to see additional information about historic connotations of Krylov fables and trace their sources, they will be able to take part in quizzes where they will be able to evaluate their level of knowledge of fable writer’s creative work.

The exhibition will be full of both cognitive and educational as well as emotional discoveries. The exhibition includes a lot of engaging interactive elements, and we will be delighted to see there both young school learners and school undergraduates, as well as adults, keen on Russian literature and interested in Russian history. In the margins of the exhibition there will be a lecture and a discussion about I. A. Krylov and times of his life.

The project is organised with the support of the Foundation “History of Russia”, “Russian Historical Society”, International public foundation “Russian Peace Foundation”, Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and FSUE “CIU “Animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. The exhibition has already been held in Vienna, Prague, Wiesbaden, Paris and Brussels. After Luxembourg the exhibition is planned to be held in Strasbourg.

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