Joe Biden became president on his third try

Previous tests, in 1987 and 2008, were not crowned with success: in both cases, he left the race long before the finish line. It will not be easy for the new US president. He faces a whole spectrum of problems, from coronavirus and racial inequality to unemployment and an acute shortage of affordable medicine.

What will be his policy in the international arena – in particular, relations with Russia and China? We have selected eight key issues that Biden will have to tackle first.

Coronavirus epidemic
Joe Biden proposes to start mass and free testing, so that in this way, as quickly as possible, solve the largest problem that is now facing the United States. He promised that he would organize a nationwide program to track and monitor the spread of the virus, which will employ up to 100 thousand people, and in each state there will be at least ten testing centers.

Welfare and jobs
Joe Biden promises to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour and help small and medium-sized businesses hit by the coronavirus. It is for direct payments to low-income families. For example, he proposed a $ 200 increase in social benefits for the poor, as well as a review of Trump’s tax cuts for the rich. Biden wants to help young people as well, offering to write off up to $ 10,000 in federal student loans.

The new president plans to invest $ 400 billion in support of American production through the Buy American Goods program. Previously, he was criticized for supporting the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA), which, some believe, has left the United States for jobs in other countries.

Racial relations
2020 will be remembered for unprecedented racially motivated protests. Joe Biden openly stated that, in his opinion, racism in America is a reality. He plans to fight it with economic and social support programs for ethnic minorities. To do this, he wants to create an investment fund of $ 30 billion.

If in the 1990s Biden believed that crime should be fought with harsh methods, now his views are different. He suggests, first of all, to solve the problem of racial and social inequality, which are closely related. He also wants to create a $ 20 billion fund to rehabilitate and help those released from prison.

Ecology and climate
As President, Joe Biden, who previously said that climate change threatens the very existence of humanity, plans to return the US signature to the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. His predecessor, Donald Trump, pulled the country out of this arrangement shortly before the election.

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At the same time, Biden is not going to take the course proposed by the left wing of the Democratic Party – the so-called Green New Deal. Instead, the new president promises to invest nearly $ 2 trillion in green technology research.

He wants to bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Leaders of many other states made the same promise last year.

Restore the US reputation in the world
Joe Biden has always emphasized that he will primarily focus on solving the internal problems of his country. However, his foreign policy is unlikely to be as unequivocally isolationist as it was under Trump. Biden has promised to improve relations with US allies, in particular with NATO, whose reputation has been significantly damaged by Trump, threatening to stop funding the alliance if its members do not comply with their commitments to finance their armed forces.

As for the big players on the international stage – Russia and China – Biden plans to be firmer than Trump in his dealings with the Kremlin. Especially after many US politicians and statesmen accused Russia of trying to influence the election campaign in favor of Trump.

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If Donald Trump launched an open trade war with China, then Joe Biden plans to go through negotiations and pressure with the help of an international coalition of democracies, which China, he said, “cannot ignore.” What countries are we talking about and how such a coalition will look in practice – Biden has not yet specified.

Joe Biden promises to expand the state health insurance program that began under Obama. He claims that 97% of Americans will be able to take advantage of this plan.

This is possibly one of the most ambitious promises of the new president. Experts estimate that such government insurance will cost the federal budget $ 2.25 trillion over ten years.

Biden promises to resolve the issue of immigrants in the first 100 days in the White House. He urgently wants to end the separation of the children of illegal migrants from adults on the border with Mexico –

practiced under Trump. He will also review the restrictions on the number of applications for political asylum and the ban on arrivals from several Muslim countries.

Biden promises to solve the problem of the so-called “dreamers” – the parents were illegally brought to the United States as children. Critics have argued that they were discriminated against under Trump.

In the education system, Joe Biden promises to increase the number of universities, as well as expand the program for canceling student loans. So that all Americans of preschool age, without exception, have access to kindergartens. Paying for such a luxury Biden, returning high taxes for the wealthier.

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