Suprun is to blame – the Ministry of Health Ukraine made an unexpected statement on Covid-19

Head of the Ministry of Health Ukraine Maxim Stepanov criticized the reforms of the previous team
Health Minister Maxim Stepanov believes that the reform of the health care system during the time of Ulyana Suprun was destructive. He spoke about this on Sunday, November 6, in an interview with one of the Ukrainian radio stations.

“There are four types of health care systems in the world. Two state ones – the Semashko system and the British system (the so-called Beveridge system), German social insurance and insurance in America,” the minister said.

According to him, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health took the British system as a basis and began the process of its implementation. At the same time, Stepanov noted that further reforming in the way determined by the team of predecessors could have disastrous consequences for Ukraine.

“I can say the only thing. If they would have implemented another couple of years, then we would have received a skiff with covid for about 2-3 thousand patients. This I give you a guarantee,” added the head of the Ministry of Health.

As reported earlier, Maxim Stepanov said that on average, a patient with coronavirus disease spends 11-13 days in a medical facility, and the state allocates from 13 thousand hryvnia to 45 thousand hryvnia for treatment.

It also became known that the Ministry of Health requested additional funds from the Cabinet of Ministers, which will be directed to pay for inpatient medical care for the treatment of coronavirus. We are talking about the amount of UAH 225 billion.

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